Finding Strength

connected copyThese past months have been challenging for so many people.  Instant access to news has put many of us into overload.  Hurricanes, wildfires, nuclear threats, massacres, injustices, loss of rights…. every way we turn there seems to be a shift and a change in what we hold to be safe and true.

Okay. Time out.  Let’s have a huddle and regroup.

You are here on this planet for a reason – and that reason is good.  You come into this world with unique gifts and skills, with a unique outlook, with the spark of the divine within you.

We need to all recover this sense of powerful self.  We are not flotsam and jetsam bobbing on the unpredictable tides of fate.  Here is a secret:  we are incredibly powerful.
We have within us the power to heal, to bring peace, to speak our intentions and change the world.

Do you believe this?  Do you understand that like Jesus, you can command the winds to calm and the storms of life to subside?  Do you believe that you can touch a soul and bring healing?  Do you believe that with a loving word you can turn someone’s day around?

Believe it.

If we could get to that place where we can recover our God-given commissioning to be the change we want to see, this world would be transformed in a second.  If we could blanket this planet with a wave of compassion and love, there would be a shift unlike anything we’ve seen before.  Greed, abuse of power, dark and twisted leaders, corrupt corporations could not stand against it.

How can we do this?  It is so very simple.  It is the heart of what Jesus came to teach us:
Love one another.

Love is colour blind.  It sees past the person, the circumstance, the situation.  It does not judge. It embraces, lifts up, celebrates and fills the universe with laughter and joy.  Love stands up to fear, to threats, to negative thoughts, to abusive and manipulative systems and in its great light, the shadows fade and disappear.  Love reveals the lie.  Love reveals the truth.  Love always wins because Love is Divine Essence.

That Essence flows in each of us, no matter what colour, creed, orientation we are or what place we come from.  That Essence, that Divine force within us, cannot be contained.  We are empowered to use it, to draw upon it, and to join our intentions  to transform our lives and the world.

And, I should add that Love doesn’t make us the doormat or the whipping post.  Tough love means we do not condone or accept ugly behaviour or abuse.  We agree to leave a space where Divine Love can step in and work in that person.  Love doesn’t mean that we put ourselves in danger or peril.  Each person is responsible for their own life and their own actions.  We can lovingly witness and bless them to their good.

Do not let the bad news drag you down.  Do not let your life be dictated by the negatives, the fears, the “what ifs” and those who would make you feel less than to satisfy their own insecurities.

You are a miracle.  You are Divinely empowered.  You have all that you need to stand up and be proudly you.  The world needs your voice and your gifts.  Today, take a moment and connect with the truth of this – you are not victim.  You are strong!  You are powerful.

Now, let’s take that truth and in that spirit of Love send prayers of healing, peace, prosperity, balance, compassion and joy to the planet.  See people smiling and happy.  See homes and roads being rebuilt.  See communities working together.  See people embracing and sharing meals together.  See the weather calming, balance restored and people loving and appreciating the Earth.

Expect Love to win.  See past the bad news, the 24 hour news grind, the frustration as abuse comes to light.  Expect Love to overcome it all as lessons are learned, as people have changes of heart, as one by one people choose to honour their true spirit and let Love rule.

Look within to see the shining light that is your soul, your connection to Creator.  You have that same spark, those same qualities.  Jesus tells us we can do even greater things that he did.

Believe it.  Receive it.  Join me in blessing the world and each other.  Love one another.


Letting Go….

let goI am watching CNN again today and hearing the profound stories of those who survived the Las Vegas massacre and others’ experiences. I am tearfully listening to people who became shining stars in that dark moment, who became saviours to others and their heartwrenching stories of goodness, love and sacrifice.

As I sit here in my cluttered office with Oliver the cockapoo sleeping by my feet, I am struck with the blessings that surround me. Sure, money gets tight tight. Sure, life isn’t always smooth. Sure, there are challenges to face and work through.  But, I am not hearing the echo of screaming and gunfire in my head.

When huge events shake up the world, we are affected too.  We empathize.  We know how it feels to lose a loved one or face a critical challenge.  It triggers feelings in us.  Looking at the news from Las Vegas, some of my friends are angry.  “Get rid of the guns,” they say in frustration. “What is it gonna take?”

Others are feeling unsafe. “How can we go anywhere without feeling it is dangerous?”

Emotions are raw right now but when we take a big step back, we see that this kind of thing happens — and very little changes as time goes by.  But, WE can change.  We have power to make a difference for good in the world.

The first thing we can do is not let the fear of the unknown paralyze us.  We are here to enjoy our life. We can find happiness even when we are feeling upset. Do not let the “what ifs” stop you from experiencing joy.

The second thing that we can do is take action.  If you are in the US, call your rep.  Speak up about gun control, if that is what you are feeling.  The rest of us can donate our time, talent and treasure to caring for people and the planet in the way that feels best for us.  Honor each other.  Honour the Earth.

And, we need to let go, trusting that all of this somehow has purpose — to bring us closer together, to prompt us to reach out, to hug our loved ones a little tighter, to count our blessings.

These huge events are actually calls to action.  Love will conquer fear.  Blessings will flow.  Light will shine.  Hope will find us.  Today, let go of the worry and negative thoughts that pull us down.  Be fearless.  Dare to love.  Be prayer warriors.  Speak up for what you know to be true and right.  Then let go and let God work out the details.




Sunday Night


On this beautiful evening, let’s join our hearts together to send blessings to the people of the planet.

Let’s send love to those in any need: especially to the people of Puerto Rico, those contending with the after-effects of earthquakes floods, wild fires and other disasters.
Let’s send angels to assist all who are in any need and danger, bringing rescue and relief to those who are desperate and without hope, and may those angels work with every helping hand to restore each circumstance to wholeness.

Tonight, be reminded that you are loved.  You are beloved.  More than you can ever know.  Hard things and challenges come, but they are not visited on us from on High.  In this rollercoaster life, this remains true: we are never alone.  Nothing can separate us from Divine Love.  When we ask, the cavalry is already on the way.  And you know, often, WE are part of the cavalry for one another through our actions and our prayers.

Tonight, know that your kind thoughts make a difference.  Pray without ceasing. And expect that good things come to you, too.