An Evening Prayer

night prayerIt’s been a busy day spent tweaking this site and learning the mysteries of WordPress.  The day started with uploading the Sunday worship service and now, supper is ready and it is time to relax and let the day go.

Have a beautiful night.  Remember to send love to Mother Earth and  to send prayers to all people and creatures a comfortable, peaceful and gentle night.


About The CCCChttps://journeyingwithgodcom.wordpress.comHoly Spirit, lead us, for all your ways are beautiful and all your paths are peace.... We are a progressive, inclusive, welcoming church community with roots in the Old Catholic Church, which has been around since the late 1800s. Our worship is the best of all worlds - a little Anglican, a little Catholic, a little Lutheran, and a lotta love. We have valid orders, apostolic succession, uphold the Seven Sacraments and we follow the Two Great Commandments given to us by Christ.

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