Sunday Night


On this beautiful evening, let’s join our hearts together to send blessings to the people of the planet.

Let’s send love to those in any need: especially to the people of Puerto Rico, those contending with the after-effects of earthquakes floods, wild fires and other disasters.
Let’s send angels to assist all who are in any need and danger, bringing rescue and relief to those who are desperate and without hope, and may those angels work with every helping hand to restore each circumstance to wholeness.

Tonight, be reminded that you are loved.  You are beloved.  More than you can ever know.  Hard things and challenges come, but they are not visited on us from on High.  In this rollercoaster life, this remains true: we are never alone.  Nothing can separate us from Divine Love.  When we ask, the cavalry is already on the way.  And you know, often, WE are part of the cavalry for one another through our actions and our prayers.

Tonight, know that your kind thoughts make a difference.  Pray without ceasing. And expect that good things come to you, too.


About The CCCChttps://journeyingwithgodcom.wordpress.comHoly Spirit, lead us, for all your ways are beautiful and all your paths are peace.... We are a progressive, inclusive, welcoming church community with roots in the Old Catholic Church, which has been around since the late 1800s. Our worship is the best of all worlds - a little Anglican, a little Catholic, a little Lutheran, and a lotta love. We have valid orders, apostolic succession, uphold the Seven Sacraments and we follow the Two Great Commandments given to us by Christ.

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