Hello from Niagara-on-the-Lake on this muggy Monday.  There is the chance we will have a severe thunderstorm in the next while and I hope it rains torrentially.  The earth is so dry here.  Lawns look scorched and thirsty.  This ongoing heat has everything craving rain – and with it a change to cooler, less humid temps.

I have been feeling tired today, up extra early for some reason.  I’ve been chipping away at the pile of things to do on the desk for hours and listening to songs that are touching and inspiring. Hamilton soundtrack playing as I write.

I do have to go to the Post Office to see if my wandering eyeglasses have finally made it here and we are completely out of bread, but truthfully, I am feeling a little nervous about being out and about today.  Le sigh.

We have entered phase 3 in this region.  Today there is news of Covid shutting down restaurants in Niagara Falls that have JUST opened.  The weekend saw thousands of tourists in our little town.  Someone described it as a zoo.  It feels like everything is about to unravel after all these months of being so careful.

Time to regroup, folks.  We need to recommit to kicking Covid’s butt.

I spoke to an officiant who was sharing how this strange wedding season has affected her.  With masks and physical distancing she cannot hug the couples or stand with them for pictures.  With the coronavirus so active, I still question why couples absolutely have to get married right now.  Venues are closed for the most part.  Vendors are really not active.  And as an officiant, I am really not comfortable unless everyone is on the same page about precautions and protocol.  There is too much to risk. Still.  Months later.

How are you doing in the midst of all this?  I hope you are able to grab something nice to drink and sit somewhere shady and quiet.  The chatter will always be there, pushing fear and worry thoughts our way.

We know what to do: Wear a mask.  Sanitize. Keep your distance from people you do not live with.  Be careful when you are out and about. Be kind and courteous.  It really is that simple, right?  Turn off the news.  Don’t let the headlines drag you down.  And pray that resistant people will finally understand that their blatant ignorance can be deadly for themselves or those who they love.

Try and stay in your bliss.  Now more than ever, we need to take time for ourselves to be restored and renewed.  I see many games of Scrabble with a brilliant woman in my near future. 🙂

Have a great day everyone.  Be kind to yourself.

This is an awesome video I stumbled across this morning.  Imagine being this little girl?
Check out from 8:22 onward.  It’s the best.

Bishop Deb

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